Stage Whispers and Ghostly Tales

  - Adam starts the podcast with gratitude for the warm introduction and an announcement: Melissa, the regular co-host, is not able to attend today. In her stead is Beth Shugg, Editor of Midtown, 5 West and Triangle Family, is on the show.
  - Lineup of guests: Co-founders of The Ghost Guild: Nelson Knauss and Kelly McConkey, are introduced. A third featured guest is Ira David Wood III, star of "A Christmas Carol." He has experiences with spirits and ghostly tales to share.
  - Adam begins the conversation by checking in with everyone, starting with Kelly.
  - Kelly shares how she and Nelson initially met while on a different team.
  - Kelly discusses her personal interest in the paranormal, which are influenced by her family history and experiences.
  - Kelly explains the founding of their own team, The Ghost Guild, in 2017.
  - The hosts and guests discuss the growing number of Americans believing in ghosts. Adam cites statistics showing belief in ghosts went up to 50% in 2017 from 25–30% around 20–40 years ago.
  - The hosts and guests speculate about the reasons, such as impact of TV shows, movies and personal experiences.
  - Ira David Wood III's recounts an unforgettable encounter with a spirit, which he describes as a peaceful and beautiful experience.
  - David also discusses his family history of "second sight" and shares a touching story about his grandmother's premonition about the birth of his sister.
  - Nelson discusses different types of hauntings: residual (replays of past events) vs. intelligent (interactions between spirits and the living).
  - Nelson explains The Ghost Guild's investigative process, which includes EVP sessions.
  - Kelly's discusses her encounter with a haunted experience on Smithfield Road after a night out at The Rialto. She describes the ethereal appearance of a man in the road during a rainy night.
  - The guests discuss theater hauntings. David confirms the commonly held belief that many theaters are haunted and shares his experiences and thoughts on why theaters might become hubs for paranormal activities.
  - Adam shares his personal experiences in college and his longing for a ghost encounter.

Creators and Guests

Adam Cave
Adam Cave
Marketing manager, writer, content and brand creator, graphic designer, and arts professional
Joe Woolworth
Joe Woolworth
Owner of Podcast Cary, the Studio Cary, and Relevant Media Solutions in Cary, NC Your friendly neighborhood creative.
Stage Whispers and Ghostly Tales
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